Puppies !

Donna puppies were born 2011-12-16. 4 girls and 3 boys. All Black & Tan.
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Boy 1, Kyang La´s Arog

Arog has moved to his new home to Bente, Per & Steve in Malvik near Trondheim - Norway.

Boy 2, Kyang La´s Ang-Ki Chi

"Roope" has moved to Finland and lives with his sister Kyang La´s Basha in Lahtis

See a film of Roope as vi call boy2 for
Pictures of boy 2 - now 5 months old
Pictures of boy 2

Boy 3, Kyang La´s Alig

"Babar" has moved to Finland to Kouvola.

Pictures of Alig-boy3 - now 5 months old

girl1 amrita tjej3

Girl 1 (red), Kyang La´s Ache Lhamo "Hera"

Has moved to her new home to Hanna, Samuel & Sandor in Tollarp-Sweden

Girl 2 (black-lila), Kyang La´s Amrita

Pictures of Amritasta - now 5 months old

Girl 3 (white), Kyang La´s Ampo "Nova"

Ampo has moved to her new home to Linda, Mikael & Bamse in Ekenässjön-Sweden


Girl 4 (rosa), Kyang La´s Akar "Ayla"

Has moved toher new home to Karina in Bjärnum -near Hässleholm - Sweden


Films of the puppies (youtube):

Pictures of the puppies:


Week 6:

Week 1: Pictures of the puppies week 1

Week 2:

Pictures of the puppies week 2
Week 9: Week 3: Pictures of the puppies week 3
Week 4: Pictures of the puppies week 4
    Week 5: Pictures of the puppies week 5
May 2012 Week 6: Week 6 - playtime
Week 7: Pictures of the puppies week 7
    Week 8: Mostly Akar"Ayla" & other puppies
    Week 9: Pictures week 9
    Pictures of boy 2 & girl 3(white)
    Pictures of boys 1 & 3. girls 1(red) & 2(lila)
    Week 11: Puppies out in the garden
Week 13 Puppies playing with father and big brother

Puppies in the garden


Pictures of the puppies 2012-04-04

2012-04-18 Puppies on the beach
2012 May Some mobilpics in the forest one warm day in May 2012 boy 2,3 & girl 2