Puppies born 2013-12-16. 5 girls & 3 boys. All black & tan

Pictures of all puppies, click the picture for bigger one.
More pictures and films of the puppies scroll down this site.
Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3
Kyang La´s Songtsän Gampo
Kyang La´s Soglam Kangri
Kyang La´s Saicang Gongma
Has moved to his new home in Norberg Sweden
Has moved to his new home in Brandstad Sweden
Has moved to his new home in Ystad Sweden
Girl 1 - blue
Girl 2 - lila-gr
Girl 3 - white
Kyang La´s Seri La "Sindra"
Kyang La´s Sammai La "Saima"
Kyang La´s Seshe La "Meja"
Has moved to her new home in Gothenburg, Sweden
Has moved to Finland and live with Verna
Has moved to her new home in Vetlanda Sweden
Girl 4 - black-or
Girl 5 - red
Kyang La´s Sui La
Kyang La´s Saisai La "Stella"
Has moved to her new home in Klippan, Sweden
Has moved to her new home in Svängsta, Sweden
Film of the puppies - week 2
Pictures of the puppies - week 1
Film of the puppies-week 4
Pictures of the puppies - week 2
2nd film - week 4
Pictures of the puppies - week 3

Puppies outdoors week 5

Pictures - week 4 & 5

Puppies with grandmother Berta- week 5

Pictures - week 5
Puppies playing - week 5
Pictures - week 6
Playing outdoors - week 6

Pictures - week 8
Boys playing - week 6
Week 7 - puppies playing early morning
Week 7 - puppies has a lot of energy
Week 8 - puppies playing in the stable
Week 9 - last days together with father Bagro and Ami
Week 9 - snow today - last possibility to play together

Both Bagro and Siiri lives with us. Bagro is third generation our own breeding.
His grandmother Santtu was our first TM.
Siiris father comes from Nepal but lives in Finland. Siiris mother Fanta is the most winning TM in Sweden.
Bagro is already a father to a litter born in Finland last winter in kennel Meidan.
Both Siiri and Bagro are social, playfull, likes people, don´t guard or bark too much.


Pictures of Bagro & Siiri, click the pic or this text


















Siiri pedigree



Bagro pedigre

Siiri is Nordic and Swedish Junior Winner 2012.
  Bagro is Swedish, Danish and Finnish Show Champion and Nordic Winner 2012.

Picture of Bagros daughter "Zarah" Mei Dan Ocho Puntos. 10 months old.   Picture of Bagros son "Tito" Mei Dan Dos Puntos 10 months old.Norwegian Winner 2013, Norwegian Junior Winner 2013.


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