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Kennel Kyang La is a small hobbykennel for Tibetan mastiffs. Kyang La means "The mountain for vild horses" Vi like that because we even breed some jumping horses and live on a small mountain.

First Tibetan mastiff "Santtu" Rajakan Chan-Dos moved to us year 2001. We want to breed Tibetanmastiffs which are healthy and with good temperament without loosing their protective instinct and the very special temperament they have.

We had thought for many years abut what sort of dog we would have. Not an easy task we can confirm!
We live on a farm on countryside with a very few neighbours and therefore wanted a guard dog. This dog must be able evev to stay outside in all weather conditions and still be a easy to take care of the coat and not drag all the mud inside the house.

Me myself I have been brought up in a kennel with many different breeds. We had Finnish hound dogs, one English Staffordshire bullterrier, many Lhasa apsos and West highland white terriers. All these are pleasant breeds but not the right breed for us today.

It was my mom who one day after many years of thoughts suggested that we should have a closer look at the Tibetan Mastiff. This we still owe her big thanks.

In general in the books referring to dogs you can not find very much information about this rather rare breed. But as there is today the fantastic WEB we could find many excellent homepages describing this breed.
I was able to find a breeder close to our own hometown in Finland, Oulu. From her, Teija, I got valuable information about this breed. This dog can only have puppies in the middle of the winter, we were too late to reserve our puppy. But we got lucky. One family cancelled their reservation and we could book our puppy- Santtu. She was born at a in Finland well known breeder of the Tibetan mastiff. The Rajakan kennel was the first in Finland to import the TM in to Finland and Mr Taisto Collanus is the chairman of the Finnish TM-association..

Today we have five Tibetanmastiffs, Santtu and her three doughters, one male and one male we are co-owner for.

If uou want to have a closer look how we live you can visit our homesite -Farm Liagärde-.


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