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Powerful, heavy, well built, with good bone. Impressive; of solemn but kindly appearance.
A companion, watch and guard dog, slow to mature, only reaching its best at 2-3 years in females and at least 4 years in males.
Height: dogs: 66 cms (26 ins) minimum; bitches: 61 cms (24 ins).
The Tibetan Mastiff keeps its double coat all year, with no shedding until Spring/Summer (depending on climate).Tibetan Mastiffs are generally considered to be hypoallergenic, which makes them an excellent candidate for those with allergies.
This is still a primitive breed, as marked by the fact that the Tibetan Mastiff bitch has a single estrus per year. This normally occurs during late autumn.
They also lack the usual "doggie" odor.


Personality will differ from dog to do, but generally they are a strong-willed, courageous animal, endowed with strong protective instincts of home and family. They adapt well to different lifestyles.
Tibetan Mastiffs are highly intelligent, and have an exceptional memory but they also can be very stubborn too.
Tibetan Mastiffs are aloof with strangers, but once introduced to someone, they will rarely forget that person.
The Tibetan Mastiff; being a large dog, does require enough room to romp and exercise properly. While they are an active dog out-of-doors and "night barkers", they are usually fairly quiet when in the house.
Tibetan Mastiffs have been known to chew and dig. Digging holes is a pastime that some Tibetan Mastiffs seem to especially enjoy.
The Tibetan Mastiff by nature is a guardian dog. Their natural instinctive ability makes them an excellent home protector. They are patient with children.They make an outstanding family dog.



Tibetan mastiff has been used centuries for guarding flocks and homesteads. Although still classed as a rare breed, the TM, as it is affectionately known, dates back almost three thousand years, and ranks among the oldest, purest breeds of dog. Used for many centuries to guard Tibetan Monasteries,In native Tibet, the dogs are allowed to roam freely at night to protect the village and flocks from thieves and predators. Their deep, sepulcher-like bark heard throughout the night assured the villagers that all would be well in the morning.



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