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  • 2013-09-29 Kyang La´s Bagro. Finnish Show Champion today, Eckerö, Åland
  • 2013-09-29 Kyang La´s Ba-La-Ha "Freja". Finnish Show Champion today. Eckerö, Åland.
    Congratulations to owner Asta Åberg Martinsaari, kennel Mimayin, Sweden
  • 2013-08-24 Kyang La´s Ngoma "Berta" International Beaty Champion & Norwegian Show Champion today in Oslo
  • 2013-08-21 Mimayin Brag-Srin-Mo "Siiri" Hälsostatus HD A/A & ED 0/0
  • 2013-06-01 Kyang La´s Bagro. Swedish and Danish Show Champion today.
  • 2013-03-10 Kyang La´s Ba-La-Ha "Freja". Swedish and Norwegian Show Champion today. Congratulations to owner Asta Åberg Martinsaari, kennel Mimayin, Sweden.
  • 2012-12-15 Kyang La´s Ba-La-Ha "Freja" Swedish Winner 2012 in Stockholm. Congratulations to owner Asta Åberg Martinsaari, kennel Mimayin
  • 2012-12-15 Our male Lafahhs Varada Swedish Winner 2012 in Stockholm
    Picture of the winners
  • 2012-12-15 Our junior bitch Mimayin Brag-Srin-Mo "Siiri", Swedish Junior Winner 2012 in Stockholm
  • 2012-12-14 Our male Kyang La´s Bagro has been father to 8 puppies in Finland Meidan kennel
  • 2012-11-04 Our male Kyang La´s Bagro Nordic Winner 2012 in Herning, Denmark
  • 2012-11-04 Our junior bitch Mimayin Brag-Srin-Mo "Siiri", Junior Nordic Winner 2012 in Herning
  • 2012-10-16 Our male Kyang La´s Bagro has been mated with Multi Winner, 4 x champion, International Beaty Champion and Nordic Winner 2012 Chilcoot Fanta
  • 2012-08-18 Our male "Vada" Lafahhs Varada NORWEGIAN SHOWCHAMPION today in Olso International Dog Show. Judge: Klindrup, Freddie, Denmark
  • 2012-07-03 A ung Tibetan spaniel boy Mei Dan Pöörfekt Dei "Rasmus" has moved to live with us. Breeder: Nada Kajander, Finland
  • 2012-03-26 A new TM girl has moved to live with us, Mimayin Brag-Srin-Mo "Siiri" Breeder:Asta Åberg Martinsaari, Järna, Sweden
  • 2011-12-16 Puppies are born. 4 girls and 3 boys.
  • 2011-12-11 Our "Berta" Kyang La´s Ngoma Nordic Winner 2011 in Stockholm
  • 2011-11-06 Our maledog"Vada" Lafahhs Varada -> DANISH SHOW CHAMPION today in Herning, Denmark. Judge: Rita Reyniers, Belgien
  • Our "Berta" Kyang La´s Ngoma -> Danish Winner 2011 on the same Dog Show
  • 2011-09-25 Our "Vada" Lafahhs Varada -> FINNISH CHAMPION today Eckero Internationel Dog Show. Judge: Matti Luoso Finland
  • 2011-05-14 Our malepuppy Kyang La´s Bagro (4 months old) BEST IN SHOW PUPPY. Official Dogshow for Tibetan breeds in Tångahed. Judge: Cindy Pettersson.
  • 2011-03-19 "Vada" Lafahhs Varada Swedish Show Champion today
  • 2011-01-14 6 Puppies born, 4 girls and 2 boys. All black & tan.
  • 2009-05-26 Our TM boy "Vada" Lafahhs Varada has been hiptested with good result A/A. Also elbows 0/0 and eys clear.
  • 2009-03-23 Lafahhs Varada Tibetan mastiff boy moved from Netherland to our place.
  • 2008 October Poco and Berta has been mated. Puppies are expected in December.
  • 2008-07-05 "Santtu" Rajakan Chan-Dos third best in Championclass in the World Dog Show for Tibetan breeds in Stockholm.
  • 2008-07-03 "Santtu" Rajakan Chan-Dos second best in Championclass in the World Dog Show in Stockholm
  • 2008-05-10 "Santtu" Rajakan Chan-Dos now even Finnish Showchampion.
  • 2008-01-05 Kyang La´s Donno "Donna" Swedish and Danish Showchampion.
  • 2007-12-16 "Santtu" Rajakan Chan-Dos best bitch in Sthlm and Nordic Winner -07
  • 2007-08-02 Rajakan Chan-Dos "Santtu" International Beaty Champion! Now confirmed from FCI. Santtu is first TM in Sweden with titel of International Beaty Champion.
  • 2007-06-21 Dogshows link publised. You can follow results for Kyang La dogs.
  • 2007-03-18 Kyang La´s Naghkhung "Jampa" Svensk och Dansk uställnings champion.
  • 2007-02-08 A new phototoalbum published - sisters visiting and snow.
  • 2007-01-05 Kyang La´s Ngoma "Berta" Swedish and Danish showchampion.
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